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Aircraft Modifications, Electrical Expertise, Certification Guidance.

With over 75 years of combined experience in aircraft modification and engineering, Aerotage is the embodiment of aerospace innovation. Our founding partners, Brad Hardwick and Mike Simmons, lead a team with a proven 14-year track record of delivering exceptional aerospace engineering projects.

Tailored Solutions

Customized Aerospace Solutions for Unique Needs

At Aerotage, we recognize that every client has specific needs which is why we offer solutions that are precisely tailored for straightforward implementation. Our adaptive approach not only saves valuable time but also reduces costs, delivering tailored engineering excellence that fits your unique operational requirements.

Custom Aerospace Engineering Software Capabilities

Innovative Software for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

At Aerotage, we develop custom aerospace engineering software to streamline and refine your operations. Our software solutions are crafted to heighten efficiency and accuracy, empowering your aerospace endeavors with cutting-edge technology.

Experience in Aviation

Decades of Expertise in Aircraft Modification and Systems Design

Our extensive experience in the aviation industry is unmatched, with a strong foundation in aircraft modification, systems design, and comprehensive project management.

Engineering Excellence Solutions

Dedicated to Engineering Perfection

Engineering is the lifeblood of Aerotage. We are committed to delivering tailored, all-inclusive engineering solutions that are precisely aligned with our clients’ specific requirements.

Certification and Approval Services

Mastering the Certification Maze

Navigating the complex world of certification with proficiency, Aerotage provides dependable, compliant engineering services. Our expertise covers certification substantiation, form approvals, including FAA Form 8110-3, and FAA/EASA STC, ensuring your projects meet all necessary regulations.

Electrical Engineering Support

Specialists in Aircraft Electrical Systems

Our electrical engineers are the cornerstone of modern aircraft functionality, specializing in navigation, communications, and diagnostic systems. Aerotage excels in Electrical Load Analysis, EMI, and RFI testing, guaranteeing that all integrated components operate at peak effectiveness.

Avionics Engineering Capabilities

Aviation's Avionics Experts

Aerotage possesses extensive expertise in Avionics Engineering, providing advanced systems that integrate seamlessly into a diverse range of aircraft. Their specialized skills include designing and implementing state-of-the-art cockpit avionics, navigation systems, and communication interfaces, ensuring enhanced performance, safety, and reliability for all types of air travel, from commercial to military applications. Their proficiency in Avionics Engineering is a cornerstone of their commitment to innovation in the aerospace industry.

Aerotage Experience

A Legacy of Success in Diverse Aerospace Projects

Aerotage’s portfolio showcases a range of successful projects, from cargo conversion system engineering and water bomber air tanker conversion systems to VIP interior design and auxiliary fuel system engineering for renowned aircraft models such as the Boeing 747 and 777, as well as the BBJ3 (B737-900ER).

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