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At Aerotage, we combine over six decades of leadership expertise with the latest technology to innovate in aerospace engineering. Under the guidance of industry stalwarts Brad Hardwick and Mike Simmons, our team specializes in aircraft modification, systems design, and project management. With 14 years of dedicated service, Aerotage has been providing customized Electrical and Avionics Engineering solutions, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and performance of air transport, business jets, helicopters, and military aircraft.





Our Expertise

Specialized Services for Advanced Aerospace Needs

Electrical Engineering Support

We deliver expertly engineered electrical systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for modern aircraft.

Avionics Engineering Solutions

Our avionics solutions are at the forefront of technology, encompassing everything from cockpit upgrades to comprehensive navigation and communication systems.

Custom Aerospace Software Development

Our custom software solutions drive operational efficiency and precision across various aerospace applications.

and Approval Services

Aerotage navigates the complex certification landscape, ensuring compliance and readiness for all modifications and innovations.

A Legacy of Diverse and Successful Projects

Aerotage boasts a storied history of diverse projects, encompassing cargo conversions, water bomber systems, and cutting-edge avionics for prominent aircraft models such as the Boeing 747 and 777. We take pride in our substantial contribution to the implementation of ADS-B for major airlines and our advancements in creating opulent, state-of-the-art VIP aircraft interiors.


Why Choose Aerotage?

Choose Expertise. Choose Aerotage.


Our experience spans decades, with a focus on both Electrical and Avionics Engineering.

Tailored Engineering Solutions

We offer tailored solutions specifically customized to meet each client's unique set of needs and requirements.

Quality and
Safety First

Committed to the highest standards in aerospace safety and operational efficiency.

Elevate Your Aerospace Projects with Aerotage

Contact our expert team today to explore how we can support and enhance your aerospace endeavors.

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