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Air Transport

At Aerotage, we understand the complexities and demands of the commercial air transport industry. Our team provides innovative electrical and avionics design solutions that enhance the safety, efficiency, and passenger comfort of commercial aircraft. We collaborate closely with airlines and maintenance providers to ensure our systems meet the rigors of daily operations.

Business Jets

For the business aviation sector, where luxury and precision are paramount, Aerotage offers tailored solutions that elevate the in-flight experience. We integrate the latest in avionics technology and cabin management systems to deliver performance and comfort that exceed the expectations of our discerning clientele.


The unique operational requirements of rotorcraft are met with Aerotage’s specialized engineering services. From avionics upgrades to complete electrical system overhauls, we ensure helicopters are equipped to perform across a variety of missions, including emergency medical services, search and rescue, and VIP transport.

Military Aircraft

Our expertise extends to serving the defense sector with robust engineering solutions for military aircraft. We understand the need for systems that can withstand the demands of critical missions and provide the reliability that military operators depend on. From design and modification to systems integration, we ensure compliance with stringent military specifications and standards.

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